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Peter Coffee, Sr

Peter Coffee, Sr

Facts and Events
1695, Ireland.
1771, Prince Edward County, VA.


the following information is from the world tree project descendants of Peter Coffee:

Peter Coffee is believed to have come from Ireland by way of England. He married Susannah Matthews, daughter of William, soon after arrriving, and settled first in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia and then in the area of Amelia County that later became Prince Edward County. The Overwharton Parish Register in Old Stafford County, Virginia mentions children born there in the early 1740's. Peter received a Virginia Land Patent of 220 acres in Amelia County, Sept 20, 1748.

Will of Peter Coffee, Sr

From wills of Prince Edward, VA page 132:

Written January 31, 1771

I, Peter Coffee of Prince Edward County and Parish of St. Patrick's, very sick and in a low condition but of perfect mind and memory

My just debts to be paid as soon as convenient

To my wife Susanna Coffee - the land and plantation whereon I now live, and my horses, cattle, hogs, and sheep and all other moveable effects, during here widowhood or well managing of the same. But if she proves careless or wasteful of the effects, then the executors to dispose of the effects as they shall think fit, for the benefit of my surviving children. Notwithstanding the legcies which I will hereafter mention, I will that she pay the legatees, at her discretion.

To my son William Coffee - 150 acres on Vaughans Cr in Prince Edward County, to be laid off agreeable with the course now begun, it being the same tract he alrady obtained a deed for, only with some additional alterations.

To my sons Peter Coffee and Joshua Coffee, and to my daughters Catharina Thomas and Mary Kindal - 5 shillings sterling each.

To my daughter Hannah Weakly - 10 pounds at my daughter Bettie's death.

To my daughter Lydia Coffee - 15 pounds at my daughter Bettie's death.

To my daughter Elizabeth Coffee - the land and plantation whereon I now live, at her mother's death, during her natural life, and at her death to be sold.

To my grandchildren then living - the rest of the estate, if any remains, to be equally divided among them.

Executors: my wife & son William Coffee.

signed Peter Coffee Witness - Thomas Brooks, James Weakly, Hannah (xher mark) Weakly

At Prince Edward Court of Sept 16, 1771, the will of Peter Coffee deceased was presented in court and proved by Thomas Brooks and James Weakly and OR. The executors were granted a certificate for obtaining probate.

Page 141 Inventory and appraisement. Agreeable to court order, we appraized the personal estate of Peter Coffee dec'd. Items mentioned include: 11 cattle 3 bee hives, 2 books, 3 beds & furniture, total value not given. Signed Nov 15, 1771 - Henry Walker, Robert Jennings, John Mucleroy, Recorded at Nov court, 1771

Peter is listed as an early settler of Prince Edward County, Virginia, "Virginia Magazine", v. 22, p. 95: "Peter Coffey - 220 acres, Vaughans Creek, 20 September 1748...192 acres Vaughans Creek 20 September 1748."

"History of Prince Edward County, Virginia", Peter Coffee, et al, attended Vestry meeting 15 August 1763...and their land was processioned between Sawney's Creek and Vaughan's Creek from Wilkes Road to the county line.

Susannah Matthews Coffee was shown on 1790 census as head of household. Listed on Prince Edward County tax list until 1796. After 1796, taxes were charged to "Susannah Coffee's" estate.


Susannah Matthews

Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, VA.


Frances Coffee
Mary Coffee
Catharine Coffee
Elizabeth Coffee
Hannah Coffee
William Coffee
James Coffee
Lydia Coffee
Benjamin Coffee
Peter Coffee, Jr
Joshua Coffee

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