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William Lesly

William Lesly1
Samuel Lesly

Facts and Events
10 NOV 1744, County, Antrim, Ireland.
30 DEC 1822, SC.
Military Service:
from 1779 to 1783.Revolutionary War.
23 JAN 1822, Abbeville, SC.Dated 26 Jan 1817.



In the name of God Amen;

I, William Lesly, of the district of Abbeville, and State of SouthCarolina, being in good health and of perfect mind and memory, do makeand ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and formfollowing;

In the first place it is my will that all my just debts be paid. I bequeath to my grand daughter Francis Caroline Lesly (when of age) five dollars to purchase a book, and remember her grandfather. I bequeath to my son, John H. Lesly, a Shorter Catechism, to be bought by my executors and should he study it well, and particularly the 84th and 85th questions, it may do him more good at the day of judgement than all my estate. It is also my desire and will that my executors pay Rev. Robert Wilson, one hundren dollars for my son, John, aforesaid; and also that they purchase Scott's Family Bible, and lend it to my daughter-in-law Polly Leslie (Lesly) during her life, and, after her death, I bequeath them to her oldest daughter forever, and further I desire all notes or amounts I have against my son, aforsaid be destroyed. I bequeath to my son Robert H. Leslie, Scott's Family Bible and his choice of my surveying compasses, forever. I bequeath to my daughter Ann Lesly, one half of the kitchen furnishings, one cow and calf, six hundred acres of land, which I bought from William Mayn, one horse or mare, at the discretion of my excutors, Scott's Family Bible to be bought for her, and one hundred dollars in money forever. I also bequeath to her (during the time she remains unmarried) the west half of my dwelling house and that part of my plantation lying west of the road from Abbeville to Pendleton, and also the labor of negro, Pomp, which she is to pay taxes for, and to clothe. I bequeath to my son William Lesly, the whole of the plantation I now live on, including thirty acres adjoining McAlister's old tract of land, his clothes, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one horse or muleat the discretion of my excutors, a saddle and bridle, one plow and gears, an axe, a hoe and mattock, and at the death or marriage of my daughter Ann, he is the have the half of the half and that part of my plantation west of the Abbeville road forever. I bequeath to Upper Lon-Cane Society fifty dollars ( to be paid three years after my disease) sincerely desiring it's success. I bequeath the remainder of my estate, real and personal, in trust for the benefit of my three youngest sons,viz. Thomas, David, and Samuel, forever, and I give them power to sell any part of my estate real or personal (not above bequeathed) as they maythink best and when they think most proper, and to make such distribution and division of money and property to each of my three sons, aforsaid, as they in their wisdom shall think just, taking into consideration what each of my three sons, aforsaid, has already received in schooling and otherwise. Lastly, I hereby make and ordain Robert H. Lesly, Rev. William H. Barr, Samuel L. Watt, Robert Wilson, Patrick Noble, Esq., Alexander Bowie, Esq., and Col. William H. Caldwell, Excutors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty-sixth day of September in the year of our Lord, one thousand eighthundred and seventeen.

Signed, sealed, published and delivered by the above named Willaim Lesly, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request, and in his presence, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto the date and year above written. R. Cunningham Thomas Lesly Ann Lesly

Abbeville District

Ordinairres Office

Personally appeared Robert Cunningham, one of the witnesses to the above will, who being duly sworn, deposeth that he was personally present and did see William Lesly sign, seal, and publish, pronounce, and deliver the above instrument of writing to be and contain his true last will and testament, that testator was then of sound and disposing mind memory and understand, to best of depontnts knowledge and belief, and that Thomas Lesly and Ann Lesly together with himself, signed their names as witnesses to the due execution, thereof, in the presence of the Testator and at his request, and, in the presence of each other. signed R. Cunningham

Sword to and subscribed the 23rd day of January, 1822

Filed in Abbeville, S. C. will book No 2, Page 114 this being a certified copy

Stub entries to indents for Revolutary claims, Book P No 164 Issued the 12 of April 1785 to William Lessly, for Twenty Seven pounds, seven schillings & a half Penny Sterling for 95 days militia duty from 1779 to 1783, also for sundries on Militia account, in 1779, 1781 * 1782, as per account audited.


Anna Caldwell

29 APR 1778.


Thomas Leslie
James Leslie
John Harris Leslie
Jane Leslie
Robert H. Leslie
Elizabeth Leslie
Ann Leslie
William Leslie
Thomas Leslie
David Leslie
Ezekiel Leslie
Samuel W Leslie
d: 3 JUL 1784
d: 9 AUG 1808
d: 31 JUL 1855
d: 2 AUG 1807
d: 9 APR 1847
d: 17 AUG 1807
d: 4 JAN 1863

d: 14 APR 1829
d: 6 FEB 1857
d: 2 OCT 1809

b: 12 MAY 1780
b: 8 AUG 1782
b: 11 FEB 1784
b: 1 FEB 1786
b: 14 SEP 1787
b: 1 DEC 1789
b: 7 NOV 1791
b: 25 APR 1793
b: 16 JUN 1795
b: 15 JUN 1797
b: 1 MAR 1799
b: 1 SEP 1803


1. Leslie Family History Beatrice Leslie Sheppard.

Unless otherwise indicated information on this individual is from the family history prepared by Beatrice Leslie Sheppard.

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