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Dr. Charles Grannison FOWLKES

Dr. Charles Grannison FOWLKES1, 2

Facts and Events
NC 1304,Off 113 In Flat Woods,To Left Of Barn At Didney Blevins Home.3
24 JUL 1822, Alleghany County, NC.
10 FEB 1913, Alleghany County, NC.


Dr Fowlkes and wife Amanda spent the first ten years of their married life in Surry Co, NC near Dobson. They lived the rest of their lives in the home they built in Alleghany County, NC. When Amanda died in 1905 Dr Fowlkes, then 83, refused to move in with any of his children so his oldest daughter Patience Cole and her family moved in with him to take care of him. When he died during an extreme cold spell in Feb 1913 the ground was frozen so hard it took two days to dig his grave. He was buried in a small family cemetery on his farm where Amanda and some of hischildren already slept. - From Some Branches of the Fowlkes Family - by David A Sturgill pg 28

Charles G. Fowlkes did not attend any medical school, rather he apprenticed under Dr Tyre in Dobson, Surry Co.,NC. Dr Tyre trained several other apprentices.

Dr Fowlkes wrote the original petition to form Alleghany County and was its first clerk of court until one could be elected. His brother AJ was elected first and they were alternately elected to the post.

In 1910 Dr Fowlkes signed a petition to require new doctors to pass an exam and pay a license fee. This soon became the law, but while existing Drs were exempt from the test, they still had to pay the $2.00 license fee. Dr Fowlkes refused and was eventually arrested for practicing without a license. He reminded the Judge that he had delivered him into the world. The exasperated judge had no choice but to find him guilty, but fined him $1 and paid the fine himself.


Amanda Melvina TOLIVER

15 FEB 1846.


Columbus Toliver FOWLKES
Patience Frances FOWLKES
Rebecca Caroline FOWLKES
Tobytha Amanda FOWLKES
Phoebe Elizabeth FOWLKES
Nancy Emma FOWLKES
William Andrew Jackson FOWLKES
Charles Samuel FOWLKES
Amanda Genevia FOWLKES
d: 9 APR 1920

d: 22 APR 1932
d: 21 APR 1942
d: 19 JAN 1859
d: 15 JUL 1926
d: 1946
d: 16 MAY 1945
d: 7 JAN 1941
b: 2 JAN 1847
b: 1 JUL 1848
b: 4 AUG 1850
b: 28 OCT 1852
b: 23 SEP 1854
b: 2 FEB 1857
b: 1 JAN 1859
b: 4 FEB 1868
b: 10 APR 1868
b: 16 APR 1871


1. Some Branches of the Fowlkes Family David Andrew Sturgill. 1988. pg 28-31.

2. A Branch of the Sturgill Family: Vol 1 Descendants of Francis Sturgill Sr & Rebecca Hash David A. Sturgill. self published. pg 72.

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