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1. Abigail
2. Benjamin Andrew Weaver
3. Cheek Mtn Road, Alleghany Co, NC
4. DAS on cover of photo book of American instrument makers
5. David Bruce Sturgill
6. David and Marie on their 50th Anniversary
7. FrancisJrHome
8. GraysonCourthouseMarker
9. Hazel Helmandollar
10. JG and Mary grave marker2
11. JG and Mary's grave markers
12. James David Sturgill
13. James Sturgill Jr
14. James Sturgill Sr
15. Joel Letter pg1
16. Joel Letter pg2
17. Joel Sturgill
18. Joel's Homestead
19. Kate Sturgill Lambert (Center)
20. Kate Sturgill Lambert Death Certificate
21. Kentucky Map
22. Mary Herrin
23. Nathan Weaver
24. Nora C Weaver
25. North Carolina Map
26. Robert Cox Gambill
27. Ruth Weaver
28. SturgillMonument
29. Tennessee Map
30. Tobytha Sturgill
31. Virginia Counties Map
32. Virginia Map (Color)
33. William Weaver Jr