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Guy Smith, III

Guy Smith, III
Guy Smith

Facts and Events
1729, Gloucester County, VA.1
MAY 1787, Granville County, NC.2
MAY 1787, Fayette County, KY.Dated 19 Jan 1780.


The following information if from the world tree project descendants of Peter Coffee

Sources: Much of info come from "The Smith Family History", by Guy Allen Smith which was updated by Elmer Smith. It is also located of Rootsweb World Connect as posted by researcher Roger Smith.

"Kinfolks of Granville County, North Carolina 1765-1826", Zae Hargett Gwynn.

"Genealogies of Virginia Families from Willam and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine" Vol IV page 501-502.

"Ancestors and Descendants of Smith,", Linda Cheek

1761 Lunenburg co. Va Deed book 6, page 421 and page 516, Guy Smith is involved in land transfers. Lunenburg County later became Mecklenberg County, Va.

1762 Lunenburg Co. Va Deed book 7, page 206 Guy Smith sells land

1764 Lunenburg Co. Va Deed book 8, page 303 - again sells land

There is some confusion on Guy's wife. Some think his wife was Ann Hopkins, but others, including Roger Smith, believe she was the wife of Guy Smith, son of John.

04 May 1767, Granville county, NC Deed Book H, page 295, John Bearding and wife Lettice, sell land in Granville Co, NC to Guy SMITH of Mecklenburg Co, Va

1769 Guy Smith listed on early census index for Granville Co., NC

25 Aug 1778 "Abstracts of Land Entries: Granville Co. N 1778-1877", Dr.A. B. Pruitt. William Owen and Peter Newport enters 800 acres in Granville County, NC; Borders: county line, Davis, G. Head, Guy SMITH, James Owens' entry, Mitchel & Davis.

31 Aug 1778 same source as above. George Head enters 394 acres in Granville Co. Borders; county line, Newport, Owen, Guy Smith, Graves.

Guy Smith, Sr. listed in DAR # 594580, 533442, 124897, etc

According to Guy Allen Smith, Guy Smith provided service to the Virginia military during the Rev. War (probably supplies) and was granted a Land Warrent of 3,000 acresin Fayette Co., KY in 1785 which was then in Virginia. Book 16, page 83, Kentucky Land Records - Guy Smith 3,000 acres on Licking River, Fayette Co., 03 Nov 1785 This land is believed to have ended up to be located in Bourbon Co. KY.

Nov. Term 1803. Bourbon county, KY, Court "Jacob Mitchell complaint against Smith heirs debts in chancery".

Defendants listed as William Smith, Gui Smith, Peter Coffee & his wife, Thomas Wilson and Elizabeth his wife

02 Mar 1804. Bourbon Circuit Court, Feb. Term. Found in "The Kentucky Gazette, Genealogical and Historical Abstracts, Vol II", page 41.

Jacob Mitchell vs William Smith's heirs: William Smith, Gui Smith, Peter Coffee and his wife and Thomas Wison and Elizabeth his wife.

Will of Guy Smith Filed in Fayette Co, KY Will Book A, page 275 Recorded 02 Sept 1803 (Guy Smith died 1787. His son William Smith died ca 1794) the filing of his will in Fayette Co, even though he lived and died in Granville Co. NC, might be related to the law suit filed in Bourbon Co, KY by Jacob Mitchell.

Granville County, NC, Book 2, page 12-12

Written 19 Jan 1780

Proved May Court 1787

"Abstracts of the Wills and Estate Records of Granville County, NC 1746-1808", Zae Hargett Gwynn, page 118.

Dau Sarah Coffee, a negro slave

Dau Ann Vaughn, a negro slave

Dau Elizabeth Mitchell, a feather bed and furniture

Son Guy Smith, a negro slave

Sons John and William Smith, after paying debts, all my land and negroes Anthony and Jim and all personal estate divided between them.

Exr: James Smith, Lewis Young, John Young




Sarah Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Ann Smith
John Smith
William Smith
Guy IV Smith

b: 1754
b: 1753
b: 1758
b: 1758
b: 1760


1. World Tree Project: descendants of Peter Coffee

2. Ibid.

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