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Jacob Raulerson

Jacob Raulerson

Facts and Events
Raulerson Cem, Pierce County, GA.
26 SEP 1778, Effingham County, GA.
10 DEC 1854, GA.
2 NOV 1857.dated 22 Apr 1857.


Once Upon A Lifetime Vol No. 3

In Baker County, Florida

By La Viece Moore-Fraser Smallwood Copyright 1995

Copies available from the author complete with photos: Rt 2 Box 543 Macclenny, Florida 32063

Additional information about the Raulerson-Brown families can be found in the Baker county Historical society among the files and records of Virgil Raulerson and Cassie Dinkins, and the Knabb, Brown, Raulerson records of the late Lois Coleman and Paul Knabb, available in the Baker County Historical society.


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Catherine Courtney Keightley Stewart married Jacob Raulerson, a widower with 7 children. Four children were born to Catherine and Jacob Raulerson. Jacob Raulerson came to Georgia as a young man. Nothing about his parentage is know at this time. Jacob moved to Appling County in 1819 and settled in the 4th Land District in what is now known as Wayne County. This was on the Little Satilla River. He later sold out and settled on the same river in the 3rd Land District of Wayne County, now Brantly County, near the present town of Hortense.

The will of Jacob Raulerson was dated April 22, 1857, and was probated November 2, 1857. It named his sons, Russell and James F. Raulerson, son-in-law, Samuel M. Pearson as executors. It directed that his slaves, all his other personal property, and a lot in Cherokee County and land lots 67 and 247 in the 3rd district of Wayne County, be sold and the proceeds equally divided between, Ichabod, James F., Russell, David and Wade H. Raulerson, Samuel M. Pearson, Hillery Cason and Abraham N. Knight. The other children were allowed nominal legacies of $10.00 each. His wife, Mary was provided for in the will. The estate inventory showed a total of $3235.83 in notes and accounts and "perisiables", and $8223.74 in slaves, lands, etc.

Ref: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Volume 2, page 316. Married Mary BAGGS (3289), born 18 Apr 1782 in Georgia, died 7 Jun 1828 in Wayne County, Georgia. Married Mary Ann Dennison PURDOM, born about 1780 in Georgia, died 15 Jan 1873, buried in Purdom Cemetery. Married third, 8 Sep 1828 in Wayne County, Georgia, Catherine Courtney KEIGHTLEY, daughter of Peter KEIGHTLEY.

RAULERSON, Jacob marr. STEWART, Catherine 9/08/1828 in Wayne Co., GA


Nancy Baggs


Nicebod Raulerson, Sr
Elizabeth L. Raulerson
Herod Raulerson
Elender Raulerson
Sidnah Raulerson
Lenoria Raulerson
Russell Raulerson
Herietta Raulerson
James Fort Raulerson
d: JAN 1875

d: about 1881

d: 10 OCT 1893

b: 20 JUL 1799
b: 25 NOV 1801
b: 27 DEC 1803
b: 15 AUG 1806
b: 29 MAR 1810
b: 22 JAN 1813
b: 1815
b: 1818
b: 1821

Mary Ann Denisom Purdorn

Catherine Courtney Keightley

8 SEP 1828, Wayne County, GA.


David Raulerson
Harriet Raulerson
Isabella Raulerson
Mary Raulerson
Wade Hampton Raulerson
d: 10 JUN 1908
d: 8 JUN 1918
d: 10 DEC 1891
d: about 1868
d: 26 AUG 1908
b: 5 MAY 1823
b: 2 MAY 1831
b: 1 JUL 1833
b: about 1835
b: 3 MAY 1838

                                                       John Raulerson
                                         Benjamin , Sr|
                                        |             | Avis
                John Rawlinson\Raulerson|
Jacob Raulerson|