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John Rawlinson\Raulerson

John Rawlinson\Raulerson1, 2

Facts and Events
about 1749, Richland County, SC.
about 1860, Glynn County, GA.
Gapway Cemetery Polk County,Fl. buried in Hull family row.


RAULERSON/RAULINSON/ROLINSON - Wayne County, Georgia records show that John Rawlinson (b. abt. 1749 Richland Co., SC - d. abt. 1816 Glynn Co.,GA) and his children (William, Noel and Fanny) had Native Amercian Ancestry. John seems to be the progenitor for most Raulersons of South Georgia. Captain William Cone filed an affidavit in 1814 that he known the mother of William, Noel, and Fanny Rawlinson since she had nursed William and that she was a fair, white skinned woman and that he also knew John Rawlinson and that he was said to be their father. Capt. Cone was trying to get voting rights for William. This probably meant that despite William's Indian appearance, he had a "white" mother. Also, Noel's son, William, was listed in the 1860 Wayne Co., GA census as race= M. Some of the Raulersons were enlisted as spies during the Indian Wars. Looking like an Indian would certainly help in that regard.

John Raulersons parentage is unknown, but he had five brothers who formed a large family connection. He had a known brother, James (born about1762) and a sister, Patricia, the known wife of Gideon Griffis (RS).

John Raulerson (Rawlinson, Rollison, etc.) believed to be the subject, was granted 100 acres of land from the King in March of 1771. This land is in the fork of the Wateree and Congaree Rivers in old Craven County, now Richland County, South Carolina.

John moved to Effingham County, Georgia, in the late 1780's. On June 13, 1789, he was granted 200 acres in Effingham County, Georgia. His brother, James, moved with him, but after a two year stay, returned to Richland County, South Carolina. John later had two more grants of land inEffingham County, totaling 300 acres. The last grant to him there was onJanuary 31, 1798.

By January 2, 1801, John Raulerson had moved to the western part of the Glynn County, (now Wayne County) when he sold his land in Effingham as a resident of Glynn. He apparently lived the rest of his life in this area, but his date of death is unknown. His wife's name is unknown, but they were apparently still living in 1814 when Captain William Cone made anaffidavit to obtain the right to vote for William Rawlinson. This document, recorded in Wayne County states that William Cone had known the mother of William, Noel, and Fanny Rawlinson since she had nursed William and that she was a fair, white skinned woman and that he also knew John Rawlinson and that he was said to be their father.

Obviously, the Raulerson family had some Indian ancestors as they were spies during the Indian War.

John Rawlinson was a Revolutionary War Soldier. He served in the South Carolina Militia, Richland District, as did Benjamin, Richard, William and George. These men are believed to have been brothers of John. In addition, Gilbert and David Rawlinson served in the Continental Line from South Carolina.

Granted Land: 1771, Richland County, South Carolina, 100 acres.

Ref: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Volume 9, pages 357 and 358.

Once Upon A Lifetime Vol No. 3 In Baker County, Florida

By La Viece Moore-Fraser Smallwood Copyright 1995

Copies available from the author complete with photos: Rt 2 Box 543 Macclenny, Florida 32063

Additional information about the Raulerson-Brown families can be found in the Baker county Historical society among the files and records of Virgil Raulerson and Cassie Dinkins, and the Knabb, Brown, Raulerson records of the late Lois Coleman and Paul Knabb, available in the Baker County Historical society.

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Fannie Raulerson
Jacob Raulerson
William Raulerson
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Nimrod Raulerson

d: 10 DEC 1854
d: 1858

d: about 1865
b: 26 SEP 1778
b: 1780
b: about 1793
b: 1795



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