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Ephriam OSBORNE, Sr.

Ephriam OSBORNE, Sr.1, 2

Facts and Events
21 AUG 1723, Williamsburg, James City County, VA.3
about 23 APR 1794, Grayson County, VA.4


Source: The following data was given tothe contributor by Herbert Bohler, which was copied from correspondence between Herbert and Joy Adams of KY. The data is all from Joy. Jeffery Weaver has also researched the Osborn's name and Joy's and Jeff's data are almost identical from Ephriam Osborn Sr. and his descendants. However in regards to Ephriam Sr.'s ancestry Joy and Herbert are not in accord. At this point in time, I'm using the ancestry data of Herbert. With that preface, I'll now give the narrative of Joy Adams as follows:

OSBORNES "The first known Osborne of our line was possibly James Osborne and his son, Jonathan. For many years the story has been circulated that a James Osborn, of Warwickshire, England came to the Colonies, bringing son Jonathan and this Jonathan was the father of Ephriam, Calib, etc. This story originated in 1945 when the late Will H. Daniel, of Huntington, WV, employed a researcher to trace his liniage. The authenticity of the story can be checked by writing the Kansas State Historical Society. I wrote them, but never did receive a reply. I also did quite a bit of free KY research for a lady that belonged to that Society and she promised to have it checked out, but she never did. Some time back a lady had an ad in the Gen. Helper on this Jonathan, and I also wrote her-and again- no reply!

The first one we can be sure of is Ephriam Osborn, Sr. He is believed to have been born in NJ. An Israel Clem, grandson of Robert Osborn, stated the Osborns came from NJ. The Calender of NJ Wills includes these same Osborn names in significant numbers. From NJ these Osborns came to NC. Ephriam Sr. was in Rowan Co., NC by 1753 (Pension #58912). He died in Grayson Co., VA after April 23, 1794. He was probably a brother to Calib.

Ephriam is said to have been married to Elizabeth Howard, though proof is lacking. Howards did live beside these Osborns on the Yadkin River, NC. Osborns and Howards did travel together from NC to VA to Harlen Co., KY.

"Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier, 1747-1762", Robert W. Ramsey. Pub. by The University of NC Press, Chapel Hill, 1964. Pg. 82 & 130. Removed from Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., NJ to the Yadkin Valley, Rowan Co., NC in about 1755-1758. Book, "Wiley Winton Osborne - His Ancestors and Descendants", by Carol (Osborne) Hackett & Myrtle Greer Johnson, Pub. 1961. A 7 Generation Descendant Chart of the Osbornes, compiled by Kathy Ray of Parkersburg, WV, dtd 17 Feb. 1993.

Ephriam settled North of the Yadkin in 1749. He and his son, Jonathan were in the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774, Black Co., VA, which is now Pt. Pleasant, WV (Mason Co). In 1751, he went to Snow Creek, VA and to Starrson, Augusta Co., VA and was able to visit a relatives and families of James Watson and George Gibson. In 1757 or 1761 he moved from Rowan Co., NC to Grayson Co.,, VA, and lived there until he died.

The name of Ephriam Osborn appeared on the 1759 tax list of Rowan Co., NC and on the 1761 tax list of Calib Osborn in the Forks of the Yadkin. That may have been the year that Ephriam and family moved to the Hollow of Surrey, for his name appeared on the Elijah Skidmore tax list in 1761 also.

1870 Census, Grayson Co., VA, Wilson District, July 1870, No. 353A. Pg. 277 of Transcript by Jeffery Weaver. See annotation

Ephriam is shown on the Tax List of Rowan Co., NC for the year 1761. (from the book NC Taxpayers 1679-1790, Vol 2 compiled by Clarence C. Ratcliff. Pub. by Baltimore Genelogical Pub. Co. 1987.)

In 1762, Ephriam Sr. returned to testify for Caleb Osborn in a suit against Frederick Friley (Rowan Co., NC - Minute Book-2-247). By 1766, Ephriam Sr. and family were in Fincastle Co., VA. In 1772, his name appeared on Wm. Herbert's tax list in Fincastle Co., VA. On Dec. 14, 1774 he obtained a Loyal Land Grant for 260 acres in Fincastle Co., lying on both sides of Saddle Creek, a branch of New River. The grant had been ordered one year earlier (Survey Book A-123). It was there that Osborn's Fort was built. In later years, Ephriam was granted a license to operate an ordinary. [tavern] In 1774 Wm. Scott filed suit against Ephriam; the suit was abated in 1779 (Montgomery Co., VA- Minute Book ?-64, 3-22). Ephriam took the Oath of Allegiance in 1777. In 1779 he was paid for patrolling, presumably against Indians and Tories. (Book 2-285) On the 1781 militia list, his name as Lieut. Ephriam Osborn, followed immediately by Capt. Enoch Osborn. But Ephriam was designated, "Not Fit" for Military service.

On Mar 4, 1786 Ephriam's name apppeared on the revenue tax list. On Oct. 28, 1789, he was still living in Montgomery Co., VA with property on both sides of Saddle Creek. He was on the Montgomery Co., VA Personal Property Tax 1787 - List "A". He was on the Montgomery Co., VA Personal Property Tax 25 Oct.,1788 - List "A". On April 23, 1794, Ephriam Sr. was exempted from paying the county levy. (Grayson Co., VA Order Book 1-43). This is the last entry found in his name in the records. Ephriam's and Elizabeth's children: Robert, Solomon, Enoch, Jonathan, Ephriam Jr., Elender, and probably others.

More comments from WFT submitter: At a later date, I found that most of what Joy Adams had written was from a Book titled, "Early Osborns and Alleys", compiled by Rita (Kennedy) Sutton and published by The Historical Society of SW VA. PJP

Ephriam Sr.'s name is on the monument listing him as soldier of Capt Enoch Ozburn's Company, located at Independence, VA.

It is the theory of Jeffery Weaver that Ephriam was the son of Ephriam Osborne and Mary Osborne (2nd cousin). As given to me in a letter from Jeff dtd. 12 May 1989. Also, Letter from Jeffery Weaver, dtd. 14 Nov. 1990. I talked to Jeff on the phone in April of 1994 and asked him if he still held the same view. His answer was an emphatic YES. In a telecon with Jeff on 28 July 1994, Jeff said that in the 1930ts, Will Daniels, an attorney, hired a genealogist from Pittsburg, PA to find the parents of Ephriam. This genealogist came up with Jonathan Osborne, who married Greta Holman, which according to Jeff is definitely wrong.

Jeff Weaver in a letter dated 30 Jan. 1995, said that he is not convinced that Elizabeth was the wife of Ephriam, and certainly not convinced that Ephriam was married twice. In this letter, he also reiterates what he said in the above information.

From a Book titled, "Early Osbornes and Alleys" compiled by Rita (Kennedy) Sutton and published by The Historical Society of SW VA. It is long out of print.

Pedigree Chart from Cathy Bell of Lincoln, NE. 13 Apr 1993 Families & History of Sullivan Co., TN, Vol.1, 1779-1992. Pg 545 "Pioneer Settlers in Grayson Co., VA. 1760-1800. Editor, Paula H. Anderson-Green. 1993


Elizabeth Wells HOWARD

1749, Yadkin County, NC.5


Robert Sr. OSBORNE
Capt. Enoch OSBORNE, Sr.
Ellender OSBORNE
Jonathan OSBORNE
Ephriam Jr. OSBORNE
d: 1764
d: after 1810
d: 18 SEP 1818
d: 1823
d: WFT Est 1751-1840
d: 11 APR 1834
d: 1852

b: about 1743
b: about 1745
b: about 1745
b: 1751
b: about 1750
b: 13 FEB 1753
b: 1754
b: about 1760


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                                                    John OSBORNE
                                      James OSBORNE|
                                     |             |Rebecca Hand
                     Jonathan OSBORNE|
                    |                |Mary Ann Carter
Ephriam OSBORNE, Sr.|
                    |Gretta Holman