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Elizabeth Wells HOWARD

Elizabeth Wells HOWARD1, 2
Mary ?

Facts and Events
1726, VA.3
1796, Grayson County, VA.4


Ephriam is said to have been married to Elizabeth Howard, though proof is lacking. Howards did live beside these Osborns on the Yadkin River, NC. Osborns and Howards did travel together from NC to VA to Harlan Co., KY. Jeff Weaver in a letter dated 30 Jan. 1995, said that he is not convinced that Elizabeth was the wife of Ephriam, and certainly not convinced that Ephriam was married twice. In regards to the Ashe Co., NC Heritage Book, Vol 2, Jeff had the following to say about the article on pg. 173 by Joseph Dixon: "I have no clue where he got his information on the Howards, but his information on the Osbornes is GOOOOOFY, so I don't put much stock in anything he submitted. Maybe a well-meaning soul, I don't know him, but he is repeating the same old Osborne stuff which was "invented". I have seen other folks claim that Ephriam Osborne was married twice, however, I have never been convinced that his wife was Elizabeth Howard. This whole story began when Will Daniels, an attorney hired a professional, name escapes me now, but both are dead, submitted his report with the Greata Holman business et al. When reputable folks tried to followup and obtain more information they could find none of these folks in records for Tidewater Virginia. An investigation of the professional revealed that he was prone to invent something to satisfy his clients. I suppose he figured since someone hired him they didn't have time or ability to do the research on their own. At any rate, Will Daniels discovered he had been hoodwinked, but not before he had spread this stuff all over New River Valley and beyond. He did some on the Hashes which is equally as goofy, still causing problems with that stuff too. Mrs. Myrtle Greer Johnson and her sisters, excellent researchers in their own right as well as Rita Sutton whose stuff seems to be sound, never bought into this stuff. In fact Myrtle was the one who discovered that the professional genealogist was a fraud. I suspect that the Ephriam Osborne on New River originated in Dutchess Co., NY as one of the right age disappears about the right time, but this is only speculation on my part. If this could be proven, then a lineage of several more generations should be easy to construct. There is a lot done on the Osbornes in CT, where the Dutchess Co. group was originally from. Others suspect NJ or PA as points of origins for Ephriam. Possible, but no one, as far as I know, has come up with a good clue."

"Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier, 1747-1762", Robert W. Ramsey. Pub. by The University of NC Press, Chapel Hill, 1964. Pg. 76 & 131. In Frederick Co., MD from 1749-1754. Removed from Anne Arundel Co., MD to the Forks of the Yadkin, Rowan Co., NC. Pedigree Chart from Cathy Bell of Lincoln, NE. 13 Apr 1993 Families & History of Sullivan Co., TN, Vol.1, 1779-1992. Pg 545 !aka Betty


Ephriam OSBORNE, Sr.

1749, Yadkin County, NC.5


Robert Sr. OSBORNE
Capt. Enoch OSBORNE, Sr.
Ellender OSBORNE
Jonathan OSBORNE
Ephriam Jr. OSBORNE
d: 1764
d: after 1810
d: 18 SEP 1818
d: 1823
d: WFT Est 1751-1840
d: 11 APR 1834
d: 1852

b: about 1743
b: about 1745
b: about 1745
b: 1751
b: about 1750
b: 13 FEB 1753
b: 1754
b: about 1760


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                                      Phillip Howard|
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Elizabeth Wells HOWARD|
                      |Mary ?